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The Maths

We've made an excel document to show the compounding that will be achieved over 13 months. Of course, there is a limit to how far we can compound but we are going to see how far we can get. Also due to the leverage we use (1:500), we can start with £5 and compound. The chart above shows each week. We are giving our selfs a week to make the money to compound. Now we have worked out that if we use GBP/USD we only need a 15 pip movement each day to achieve this compounding. And also because we are compounding the volume size too that pip around will never change as we get the required money from that 15pip movent.

Getting Started

We use a broker called ICMarkets and a leverage of 1:500. We do this due to us needing to use this leverage to achieve this compounding challenge. We also use a service called Discord to keep in contact with the people who are doing this challenge. You might be wondering how to get started? Well, it's really simple. If you're a NON-USA resident you can sign up to ICMarkets and get started (links at bottom of the page) and once you're signed up you will need to set an up MetaTrader 4 account and the starting amount of £5 to get started compounding. If you'd like more information on getting started or tutorials on how to download and set up MetaTrader 4 please join our discord and look at the video tutorials.

About Us

If you haven't watched the video you might be wonder what is the catch or why aren't they charging for this? Well, the way we see it is why would we need to charge for something like this. It's a challenge, not a product. Also if you've seen the maths if this works we don't need to charge at all. Now if you've used the ICMarket link it's a referral to that broker and we do earn commision when you place trades. So we do make money that way. We also created this challenge as we at Fornge are traders and we wanted a way to challenge our selves.